Shadows in the West

Episode 20 - Small Court of the Asahina, Part 7

Petals and Thorns

As court draws to a close, the samurai gather their thoughts and consider their immediate futures.

Episode 19 - Small Court of the Asahina, Part 6

The Weight of a Name

Crow and Sayuri share an uncomfortable conversation before court proceeds. Daiyu is forced into a difficult situation and must make an equally difficult decision.

Episode 17 - Small Court of the Asahina, Part 4

Flowers' Shadows Creep Eastward

Following tea with Doji Sayuri, the samurai go their own ways for the afternoon, then reconvene for levity that not a single one of them asked for.

A Special Look Into City of Remembrance - An L5R Zine

Ludo and Melon of City of Remembrance join us for a discussion about the upcoming L5R zine in this special episode!

If you are interested in learning more about City of Remembrance, or are interested in submitting to the zine, check them out on twitter @l5rzine2019. You can also find the document containing all the zine information at the link below!

Episode 16 - Small Court of the Asahina, Part 3

Lion in a Crane's Nest

Tensions are high even in the earliest proceedings of court. Following an uncomfortable morning, Doji Sayuri seeks to learn more about the samurai in Akodo Torokai's service.

Episode 15 - Small Court of the Asahina, Part 2

Birds of a Feather

After meeting their host and settling in at Son of the Crane Castle, the samurai attend an opulent dinner hosted by Asahina Takeshi. They make the acquaintance of several fellow court-goers, and run into a few familiar faces as well.

Episode 14 - Small Court of the Asahina, Part 1

A Fox and Two Cranes

After recovering from a night of celebration with the kitsune of the forest, the samurai bid their farewells and set out for court.

SitW's 2018 in Retrospect

Spring of Drowned Liondad-Riding-Pony-Carrying-Two-Crabs-and-Horse

The entire cast & crew get together with alcohol and discuss 2018 in SITW, TTRPGs, L5R, and podcasts...among other things. Big and messy and full of bad words. Listen at your peril.

Episode 13 - Kitsune Mori, Part 8

The samurai return to Kitsune Mori Mura, where Torokai confronts Crow about the incident in the cave. The next day, Kitsune Mara seeks each of them out for a final farewell.

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